About Me

I design things that work for people.

I’m an experience-focused designer based in Brooklyn, NY. I’m interested in creating physical products and interfaces that embrace the digital world, but I also really like software and the Web. I can write code but I’m not a developer. I understand manufacturing but I’m not an engineer. I pay attention to market forces because the economic constraints around a product are usually more stringent than any others. I focus on people and their needs, habits, and experiences. I try to learn as much as I can to make the best products possible. I also teach, always working on better ways to explain the intersection between physical and digital design.

I studied Industrial Design at Pratt Institute and worked as a product designer and engineer before moving digital and getting an MFA in Interaction Design from SVA. My first lines of code were written in Arduino but now I work in whatever technology lets me make the fastest prototype. I do like to play with computer science principles, doing things like coding physics engines or growth algorithms. I built my first website in 2008. Yes, it was terrible.

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About This Site

This site is an ongoing experiment, built from the ground up using Flask to drive the back-end CMS. I know it’s overkill, but I wanted to understand more about full-stack development—and I’ve learned that knowing how data models work helps immensely when designing information architecture. The front end styling and markup is hand-rolled from scratch. I prefer not to depend on monolithic Javascript frameworks, but jQuery and Velocity have definitely snuck in there for the minimal scripting the site presently needs. The site depends pretty heavily on CSS3 stuff, like transitions, transformations, and flex-box layout. It probably looks like crap on old browsers, so if you're coming here on IE7 or a Blackberry I’m sorry (but not very). The markup is written with standards-based semantics in mind though, so it should at the very least be readable. The site’s fonts are Museo Slab and Proxima Nova, served by Typekit.

I write Sass(.scss), Python, and Javascript using the fantastic Sublime Text. Most of my design work happens in Omnigraffle, Sketch, or on paper. I try to jump into code and design in-browser as quickly as possible. I use Susy for simple and fast layout calculations.