Shotbot Thumbnail
A very responsible exploration of physical computing, arcade games, and competitive drinking

Music Mix Train

Music Mix Train Thumbnail
Teaching children how complex musical pieces are constructed


Parklife Thumbnail
A public fountain installation that seeks to bridge physical and mobile phone-based interactions

Sandy Systems

Sandy Systems Thumbnail
Dissecting Central New Jersey's transit systems after Hurricane Sandy

KIT (Keep In Touch)

KIT (Keep In Touch) Thumbnail
A connected backpack for long-term hikers


ADAPT Thumbnail
A patient-centered hospital waiting room

Learning Circles

Learning Circles Thumbnail
A service to help new teachers

Radiant Floor Lamp

Radiant Floor Lamp Thumbnail
A floor lamp that plays with existing form


Leg-O-Lamb Thumbnail
Playing with puns in CAID

Light Powered Hair Roller

Light Powered Hair Roller Thumbnail
A rethinking of how to curl and straighten hair