The ShotBot was an exploration of physical computing concepts and game dynamics built primarily for a holiday party. It is a robotic drinking game, where two players face off in a modified version of "Whac-A-Mole," with a shot of alcohol as the prize for winning, or penalty for losing. We conceived, designed, coded, and built the game in just under a week.

The ShotBot’s design draws inspiration from cabinet-based arcade games.
A hopper holds your alcohol of choice at the top and solenoid valves control the flow into a shot glass placed on each side.
The game control panel and shot glass housing.
This prototype version was built on a breadboard. The game is controlled by a Teensy 2.0 and various discrete components.
The starting sketch for the project. We jumped into CAD and code quickly due to a compressed development schedule.
An earlier version called for a custom circuit that used two Arduino-esque controllers and was meant to be an extensible system.
The topside PCB layout for the earlier, custom-PCB version. Time constraints forced us to build the prototype on a breadboard.
Watch the demo video.


Completed December, 2012 for SVA IxD MFA.

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